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Pottery 101
Be a Master Potter for Less Than 24p, 9g, 9s, 9cp!

But wait! There's more! You can also study these trades at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home:
• Alchemy
• Baking
• Blacksmithing
• Brewing
• Fletching
• Jewelcrafting
• Poison Making
• Tailoring
• Tinkering

Okay, okay, I'm not really Sally Fields. I just couldn't resist. Pottery has got to be the easiest, cheapest trade to Master. I did so because…okay, because I'm a tradeskill junkie. But also because I didn't Smith for the longest time and I needed utensils for my Baking habit. And as an enchanter, I also use Poison Vials as a spell component.

Here's what you do: go buy a couple stacks of Flasks of Water, Medium Bowl Sketches, and as many Blocks of Clay as you have room left for. Go find the pottery wheel. Put one each of the things I just told you to go buy in the Pottery Wheel. Lather, rinse, repeat. This'll get you to skill 122, eventually. When you actually succeed in making an Unfired Medium Bowl, destroy it. It's not worth it to try firing the things.

Yeah, that's it. Oh, what, you want to know where to do this? What, do I have to do everything for you? Okay, okay, here are the best places to do it: Highpass Hold, Kelethin, North Freeport and Thurgadin. Those are the zones where the clay, water, sketches and the pottery wheel are all in the same zone. In Highpass, you have to run back and forth between several shops, in Kelethin you're running across the entire city on those platforms that it's death to fall off of (if you have less than 500 HP or so, anyway), and in North Freeport you're shuttling back and forth from Groflah's Forge to right around the bank. I've yet to visit Thurgadin, but I know you can get all the stuff you need in one zone. If you need more specific information, go to the same source I do: EQ Traders Corner. Please read the webmistress' rules and the wealth of information there before posting on her board or contacting one of the folk there for help. (I am in no way associated with EQ Traders Corner, but I have a towering respect for the amount of hard work that went into building the store of information there.)

Why would anyone want to master something so screamingly easy? Well, like I said, I did it to make myself Baking utensils and Poison Vials (though you can buy the vials from a few merchants strung out across the face of Norrath), there's stat-enhancing clay deities for healer-types, and there's a quest in Thurgadin to make a lore, no drop potion-type item that will gate you to Thurgadin.

Go get dirty! Throw that clay!

Isolde Pagani, High Elven Enchantress, Quellious

This is a Pottery Wheel.

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