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Anarchy Online is the first science-fiction-based persistent online role-playing game. Thousands of players world-wide can compete and co-operate simultaneously in a rich, futuristic world of cutting-edge graphics and sound.
Similar in concept to older online RPGs, the updated technology of Anarchy Online has everything old online games have, and much more:
• Tailor missions to your specifications complete them solo, or copy the mission key and have a friend accompany you
• Hunt in teams out in the wilderness of Rubi-Ka and you'll rapidly rise through the ranks of levels
• A rich, beautiful and diverse graphical environment mirroring the science-fiction nature of the story and world
• A dynamic audio environment that changes with the world, as the situation changes - so that the sounds you hear will always be fresh, exciting, and pleasing to the ear
• A four-year story arc, which will tell the story of Anarchy Online both in-game with content and staff-run events, and through animated movie episodes. Players will be able to participate in the story, and ultimately help influence it through their own actions
• Players control hundreds of motion-captured body movements that create life-like gestures and actions
• Unlike other games, every Anarchy character can requisition an apartment at any time, starting immediately after character creation. Buy furniture, fixtures or artwork — decorate it to reflect your tastes and style
• A player-controlled skill system; you decide which skills and abilities your character will develop
• Pick a hobby that has nothing to do with your main career — build weapons, design bionic implants, manufacture pharmaceuticals or drive a specialized vehicle
• With thousands of articles of clothing, armor,and weapons available, no two characters will look alike
• Settings for purely social interaction, like nightclubs and resorts — put on your glad rags, stow your guns and go dance!
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