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WitchWay to My Artwork for The Sims?

This is the artwork I've created using The Sims Art Studio. It reflects some of my other interests in life, most notably EverQuest and paganism. Click on the price of the item to initiate a download of that specific item, or grab the whole shebang! Once you've downloaded a file, unzip it using WinZip and put them where they belong. If you need help figuring out where that is, I wrote a quick little tips page. If you've a hankering to make your own artwork, and haven't yet gotten The Sims Art Studio, go get it! It's as easy as ordering pizza!

Broadsword and the Beast §300 Broadsword and the Beast Firiona Vie §75 The EverQuest Elf Babe
You're never too old to rock'n'roll with this reproduction of Jethro Tull's Broadsword and The Beast album art.
Show your love of the game...EverQuest, that is! Pin up this concept art of the Queen of the High Elves of Norrath (more commonly known as "the elf babe"). If you play the game much, she's probably as close to a girl as you're going to get.
Archway §80 Archway to the Unknown Sunlight Through Trees §80 Sunlight Through Trees
Brighten up the place with this charming poster of an archway into the unknown.
Create a restful setting with this lovely photo taken by aspiring nature photographer Mullein Eyebright. An inexpensive way to brighten up a room!
Mars from Space §200 Mars from Space Herbs §125 Herbal Poster
Get 'way out there with this N.A.S.A. photo of Mars!
Spruce up the kitchen with this poster of herbs.
Enchantress §95 Isolde the Enchantress Egyptian Papyrus §600 Egyptian Papyrus
Let this Enchantress cast her spell on you and your home! Another fine piece of art from Norrath. Display this fine papyrus artwork to let others know how sophisticated and cultured you are.
Kitchen Witch §50 Kitchen Witch Druidess §125 Druidess
Feel the love in your kitchen with this whimsical, witchy print.
Get in touch with nature by displaying this stunning piece!

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