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Downtown Lots

If you've succumbed to the Hot Date expansion for The Sims, you can put one of the shops below into your game! For directions on how, if you don't already know, check out my little tips page. If any lot requires custom (non Maxis) wall or floor files, they're included in the .zip with the .iff file. If I ever put up a lot with custom objects, I'll include a link to the place where I got the custom object(s) in the description text. Click on the pictures to see a larger snapshot. Clicking on the address or name of the lot will get you the file.

22 Wright Way Fresh Aire Café
Fresh Aire Café, 22 Wright Way
Enjoy a fine meal in this charming outdoor venue, then go dancing afterwards! Or, if you prefer more sedate activities, feed koi or race sailboats in the pond, use the telescopes for stargazing, make a wish in the fountain or sit 'n' swing with your sweetie. Unisex open-air lavatory facilities located near the café.
25 Main Street SimCity Square Mall
SimCity Square Mall, back view showing plants and skylight
SimCity Square Mall, a wholly possessed subordinate of D. Boretolo & Co. (Back view — lovely decorative flora is visible through all outward-facing windows downstairs. Note the intricate skylight! Requires glass floor included in the .zip file.)
SimCity Square Mall's first floor: shops and food court
On the first floor, it's a carbon-copy of every other [Insert Name] Square Mall in and your money walk in, but only you walk out. The food court features a beautiful water garden as its centerpiece. Men's and women's restrooms are located near the teleporters.
SimCity Square Mall's second floor: Skylight Bar and Dance Club
On the second floor is the Skylight Bar and Dance Club! The men's and women's restrooms in the club feature cabanas in which patrons can change into special occasion outfits.
28 Main Street SimCity Beach Boogie Bar
Fun in the sun at SimCity Beach!
Swim in the pool (cholrine is better for you than salt, right?) or lounge in the sun showing off the new swimsuit you just bought in the gift shop.
Snack Bar and Sundries
Grab some fast food or ice cream downstairs in the gift shop...
Beach Boogie Bar ...then dance and drink the night away, overlooking the beach and watching all the people promenading up and down Main Street! Unisex restroom located in the Beach Boogie Bar upstairs.
30 Main Street SimCity Park
Nice place for a cheap first date
Sailboats & wieners in the park! If your wooing goes awry, duck into the gift shop and grab something sweet, cuddly or floral to make up for that faux pas. You can also grab some magazines to brush up on your darling's main interests for the next date. Unisex restroom centrally located.

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