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WitchWay to My Wallpapers and Floors for The Sims?

Here are a few wallpapers and flooring choices that I've made for my Sims' homes. They're nothing fancy, but I like 'em. I fiddled around with bitmaps 'til I had what I wanted, then I previewed them and ultimately imported them into The Sims with HomeCrafter. Below is everything in this .zip file. Download the .zip file to your computer, open it using WinZip, and put the files where they belong. If you need help figuring out where that is, I wrote a quick little tips page.

Keep in mind that until you get Livin' Large, you'll be limited to 90 different custom wallpaper and 63 different floor files. So count all the files in your /Walls and /Floors directories if wallpapers and floors you download aren't showing up.

Atredies §6 Infinity §7
Feel like futuristic feudal lord with this bold pattern! (As you might be able to tell from this page's background, I'm proud of this one.) Live your life among the stars in a room deocrated with this star field design.
Celtic Stonework §1 Celtic Knotwork §1
Marvel at the woven patterns carved in the tops of this stone wall sheathing. Available in: Blue, Cream, Dark Grey, Green and Light Grey.
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Enjoy the intricate celtic knotwork embossed into this thick leather wall covering. Available in: Blue, Green, Grey, Red and White.
Celestial Rusticity §1 {short description of image} Celestial Mosaic §1
Jump on the Celestial bandwagon while holding onto your Redneck roots! Jump on the Celestial bandwagon with this cheery pattern.
Celestial Fade to Grey §1 Linen Wall Coverings §1
Jump on the popular Celestial bandwagon. Enjoy this tastefully subdued pattern in the following colors: Blue, Brown, Grey and Lavender.
Cloudy Colors with White or Black Trim §1 Satin Wall Hangings with White or Black Trim §1
Surround yourself with these soothing colors, trimmed in your choice of white or black-dyed pine mouldings: Blue, Green, Orange-Yellow, Purple, Red, Silvery Grey and Teal.
Give your walls a soft sheen with satin in Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red and Teal. Trimmed in your choice of white or black lacquered wood.
Mahogany Panelling §20 {short description of image} Mahogany Flooring §14
Lend a room a formal air with this mahogany paneling. Make your floor into a statement of somber power with this mahogany hardwood flooring. Matches the Mahogany Panelling.
Red with Holly Baseboard §1 Holly Days Linoleum Tile §1
Bright red paint trimmed with light oak over a festive holiday baseboard of holly leaves and berries. Settle in for the holiday season in style! This green linoleum tiling with a holly motif will spruce up your Sims' homes just in time for the holidays.
Shag Carpeting §1
Treat your Sims' toes like royalty with this shag-a-delic carpeting! Carpet design by SIMply Dariene, dye job by Mullein. Available in: Blue, Bright Blue, Brown, Charcoal and Cranberry.
Plush Carpeting §1
Make a bold statement with this plush carpet. Available in: Beige, Black, Grey, Hunter Green, Midnight Blue, Orange, Purple, Scarlet, White and Yellow.
Leaf Patterned Carpet §1
Sink into this luxurious carpeting patterned with leaves. Available in: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and White
Diamond Patterned Carpeting §1
Nice, plain patterned carpet in washed out shades of Ash Grey, Blueberry, Grape, Mint and Raspberry.

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