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I dug up some pictures out of an old scrapbook and scanned them. These were all taken in the gymnasium of Watson Junior High School in Widefield, Colorado; the only school other than college that I attended in full. Moving around constantly as a military brat sucks in a lot of ways. I got bitten by the drama bug hard when I was in 7th grade, and was involved in every play after that at Watson. That's what all of these pictures are in relation to.
Mr. John Weadon Mr. John Weadon, the drama coach at Watson Jr. High from 1968 to 1986. I owe more than I can say to him. I'm just glad he didn't stop being the drama coach 'til after I left Watson to go to Widefield High.
Carlos Lopez & Gayla Skadden Carlos Lopez & Gayla Skadden, two of my dearest friends at Watson Jr. High. My memories of them are probably so important to me because the years I spent in Widefield, Colorado were the the most "normal" of my life.
Carlos Lopez & Rico Munn Carlos Lopez & Rico Munn, in costume from our production of Happy Days. I don't remember why "Potsie" (Rico) & "Ralph" (Carlos) were dressed up like gangsters, but hey, they looked cool!
Carlos Lopez, ?, Rico Munn, Mike Earl, Gayla Skadden, Ed Watterson, me, Reggie Loggins,  ???? This must've been towards the end of our Happy Days production, 'cause I remember I didn't come out with "Fonzie" 'til the end.
?, Scott Whiteman, ?, Gayla Skadden, ?, Carlos Lopez, me, Matt Hixon, Ronnie Snyder Honestly, I don't even remember this play, Man of the House. But my mom took pictures at all the plays I was in and labeled them. Lots of my friends were in this one.
Matt Hixon, ?, me, Carlos Lopez A Memo from Jupiter was an odd play, but I liked it 'cause I like Greek mythology. I wanted to be Athena, but ended up as Venus. Now that's a stretch!
me In Tied to the Tracks I got to run around in lingere on stage. What foreshadowing. Too bad I don't look that good now!
?, ?, Chris Rael, ? Hey Teach was the last play Mr. Weadon did, my sophmore year of high school. I only really went 'cause it was his last play he was directing, and my sorta-sometime-on-again-off-again boyfriend was in it.