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Juvenile Pagan-Themed Books/Novels

I don't have a kid in this age class (9 years old and up), but here are a couple of books that I've found that sound like they have a Pagan/Nature/Magic theme....

Title/Description Author Price
Juniper Monica Furlong $3.99
In a prequel to Wise Child, the childhood and education of Juniper — a wise woman — is described. As a young Cornish princess, Juniper draws on the healing arts and white magic she learned from her godmother to protect her kingdom and her family from the machinations of her power-hungry aunt.

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Wise Child Monica Furlong $3.99
This engrossing novel about a young girl's apprenticeship to a good witch is set in the British Isles soon after King Arthur's time. Wise Child is adopted by Juniper, a humble sorceress of white magic. But when Wise Child's real mother, a student in the black arts, shows up she tempts Wise Child with a life of luxury.

The Blue Sword Robin McKinley $4.79
Harry is orphaned and shipped off to kind but stuffy foster-parents far away from Home. She's never fit in well, and bored with her sheltered life in the remote orange-growing colony of Daria, discovers magic in herself after she is kidnapped by a native king with mysterious powers.

The Door in the Hedge Robin McKinley $10.50
Two recreations of favorite tales ("The Twelve Dancing Princesses" & "The Princess and The Frog") are combined with two new and compelling original tales to create a brilliant collection of magical charms and enchantment.

The Hero and the Crown Robin McKinley $4.79
The dazzling prequel to The Blue Sword follows the adventures of the Damarian king's daughter, Aerin, as she fights to claim both birthright and love.

A Plague of Sorcerers Mary Frances Zambreno $4.76
Young Jermyn fears he is not destined to be a wizard because no cat has chosen to become his familiar, although he has shown some surprising signs of ability. At a time of peril, he acquires a skunk named Delia, and finds himself responsible for attempting to stop a mysterious plague.

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