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Young Children's Pagan-Themed Storybooks

These are books I've chosen for little ones, up to about 8 years old, with either positive images of Witches, or a Pagan/Seasonal/Nature theme.

Title/Description Author Price
I Know I'm A Witch David A. Adler Publisher out of stock
A young girl makes potions to work spells, talks to her cat, Tituba, and visits her Aunt Ruby.
A Job for Wittilda Caralyn Buehner $11.19
When Wittilda the witch is forced to look for a job in order to feed her 47 cats, she finds her broom-flying ability comes in handy in applying for a job delivering pizzas.

The Little Witch Sisters Stephanie Calmenson $2.36
Before they go out and make magic, Plinka and Tinka must mix a magical brew. Lazy Tinka would rather sleep than help, so Plinka decides to use some magic on her sister to make her change her mind.
Merry Christmas, Strega Nona Tommie DePaola $5.60
It's Christmastime in Calabria. There's no time for Strega Nona's usual business of curing headaches, mixing love potions, and getting rid of warts. Instead she must prepare her annual feast for the whole town. Poor Strega Nona. How will she ever have the feast ready by Christmas Eve?

Strega Nona Meets Her Match Tommie DePaola $4.76
When Strega Nona's friend Strega Amelia comes over the mountain to pay a visit, she's amazed that the people of Calabria still come for Strega Nona's old-fashioned cures. She soon sets up her own shop with all the latest gadgets. Even Big Anthony goes to work for the new Strega — has Strega Nona met her match?

Old Black Witch! Wende Devlin $3.16
At first Nicky's and his mother's efforts to turn an old New England house into a tearoom are hampered by an old witch who haunts the place; then, they find out she can cook.

"A" Is for Apple, "W" is for Witch Catherine Dexter $14.99
Ten-year-old Apple, who can't wait to be a witch like her mother, tries to use a spell to teach pesky Barnaby a lesson and gets into serious trouble.
My Working Mom Peter Glassman $11.20
It isn't easy having a working mom. If she isn't busy in her lab, she's flying off to a meeting somewhere. But this mom also gives birthday parties that are out of this world, and all the kids at school think she's great.

The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat Nurit Karlin $10.46
When Wilma the witch leaves her pet rat and fat cat at home alone, they get into all kinds of silly trouble. The fat cat takes the rat's place on top of the mat and won't get off. The rat and his friends, a bat and a hat, try their hardest to get the fat cat to move — but to no avail. Only Wilma can sort out their disagreement in this hilarious story.
Teeny Witch and the Perfect Valentine Liz Matthews $3.16
Teeny Witch tries hard to get perfect valentine gifts for her three aunts and succeeds when she thinks she has failed.
Teeny Witch and the Tricky Easter Bunny Liz Matthews $2.80
On Easter Teeny Witch chases the Easter Bunny all over town and gets a surprise at the end of her search.
Cat's Knees & Bee's Whiskers Sandy Nightengale $14.95
Baldrick the cat studies hard to become an expert witch's cat, but he runs into trouble when he tries out a new spell without supervision.
Lulu and the Witch Baby Jane O'Connor $14.89
Lulu Witch begins to change her mind about her pesky baby sister when she thinks that one of her magic spells has made the baby disappear.
Lulu Goes to Witch School Jane O'Connor $3.16
Lulu Witch can't wait to start school. She has a new broom and a lunch box with Dracula on it. She likes her teacher, Miss Slime. But Lulu has a problem — another little witch who knows and does everything perfectly. Then a case of lizard pox turns her enemy into a wonderful new friend.
Busy Witch Bettina Patterson $5.35
There's magic and mischief when the busy little witch eats breakfast, cleans up her room, visits her friend, and goes to bed — as only a little witch can.
A Witch Got On At Paddington Station Dyan Sheldon Out-of-print
When a witch boards the bus at Paddington Station, wonderful, magical things happen to the tired and grumpy riders.
Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches Stephen J. Simmons $14.35
Two young witches use their powers in opposite ways, one helping people and the other making mischief. In the end, the trouble-maker learns the lesson of "what goes around, comes around."

Mama Cat's Year Norma Simon $15.95
Mama Cat may not know the names of the months of the year, but she knows when the seasons change. And in her special cat way, she knows each season's pleasures. Softly colored detailed pencil illustrations complement a gentle story that will be treasured by cat lovers young and old.
Little Witch Iris Smith $12.95
Deep in the middle of the forest with night falling, a very small witch called Wiggy wants to go home to her mother. But poor Wiggy has lost her broomstick, and now she has no way to travel out of the woods. Will the animals help Wiggy?
The Cat Who Wanted to Fly Robyn Supraner Out-of-Print
When Maggie the witch refuses to allow her to fly, Midnight the cat decides to learn a spell of her own.

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