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Science-Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Books that I think have a Pagan theme have next to them. These are all books I've either read myself, or a friend of mine has said they're good.

Title/Description Author Price
All the Weyrs of Pern Anne McCaffrey $5.95
In the Pern series. Generations of dragonriders have dedicated themselves to fighting Thread, the deadly spores that rain from the sky. And now aremarkable discovery is about to wipe out Thread forever.

The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall Anne McCaffrey $4.79
In the Pern series. A collection of short fiction about Pern features five tales of the time of Pern's exploration, original Dragonriders, and first Threadfall.

Crystal Line Anne McCaffrey $5.59
The third in the "Crystal Singer" trilogy. Killashandra Ree is a Crystal Singer in the Hepatite Guild, which supplies the galaxy with unique Ballybran crystals to communicate over space's vastness. In Crystal Line, Killa learns the full price she's paid to become one of the best in the galaxy's most dangerous profession.

Crystal Singer Anne McCaffrey $4.79
The first "Crystal Singer" novel. After ten grueling years of operatic musical training, Killashandra Ree was told she would never be a star, due to a "burr" in her voice. Unwilling to be second-best in anything, she enlists in the Hepatite Guild on the planet Ballybran, the only place in the galaxy where powerful communication crystals are harvested. As a Crystal Singer in the Heptite Guild, she can have security wealth beyond imagining. The problem is, few people who land on Ballybran ever leave....

The Dolphins of Pern Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. Masterfisher Alemi and a young boy, Readis, renew contact with the genetically engineered dolphins who accompanied the original human colonists.

Dragondrums Anne McCaffrey $5.20
In the Pern series. Young Apprentic Harper Piemur's life is thrown into turmoil when his exceptional soprano voice changes at puberty. Masterharper Robinton entrusts him with clandestine missions that lead Piemur to the Southern Continent and a queen fire lizard.

Dragonflight Anne McCaffrey $3.19
In the Pern series. It's been 400 years since Pern was last threatened with the deadly rain of Thread, alien organisms that consume all organic life. Many believe it will never come again. With the once-plentiful dragons of Pern are almost extinct, how will the planet survive when Thread returns?

Dragonquest Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. Seven years after the deadly Thread has begun again to fall on Pern, all is not well. There are political tensions everywhere that threaten the social fabric of Pern as much as the rapacious Thread does its inhabitants.

The Dragonriders of Pern Anne McCaffrey $12.80
In the Pern series. Combines the novels Dragonflight, Dragonquest, and The White Dragon into one volume.

Dragonsdawn Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. Chronicling the first settlers of Pern, this is the story of the colonists' efforts to breed, from tiny fire-lizards, fire-breathing dragons large enough to fight the deadly rain of Thread before their lush new home planet is made lifeless.

Dragonseye Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. The First Pass of the deadly Thread encountered by the terrans who settled Pern lasted nearly 50 years; it is now 257 years later, and the rogue planet that hosts the voracious mycorrhizoid organism known as Thread is once again approaching the planet. The leaders of the Holds and Weyrs are gearing up to fight the new invasion.

Dragonsinger Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. Pursuing her dream to be a Harper of Pern, Menolly studies under Masterharper Robinton, learning that more is required than a facility with music and a clever way with words.

Dragonsong Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. Menolly, a SeaHolder girl, dreams of being a Harper. But her strict father thinks it's improper for a girl to want such things, and after mental and physical abuse, Menolly runs away. She discovers fire-lizards empathic creatures very like the dragons that protect Pern from Thread and with them begins a new life.

The Girl Who Heard Dragons Anne McCaffrey $5.59
Featuring the title Pern short novel, "The Girl Who Heard Dragons," this compilation of 15 fantasy and science fiction stories is by one of the greatest names in the genre. All except one have been previously published, but have never before been collected in a McCaffrey book. Includes 23 interior works by artist Michael Whelan.

Killashandra Anne McCaffrey $4.79
The second in the "Crystal Singer" trilogy. At first Killashandra Ree's ambitions to become a Crystal Singer, get rich, and forget her past, were going just as she had hoped. But after she grew wealthy, a devastating storm turned her crystal claim to useless rock. In short order she was broke, she had crystal sickness so bad she thought she was going to die, and the only way she could be true to the man she loved was to leave him....

The Masterharper of Pern Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. From the birth of Robinton, destined to be the greatest, most influential Masterharper his Hall has ever known, up to events detailed in Dragonflight.

Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. The tragic tale of Moreta, a Weyrwoman and rider of a golden queen dragon. When a devastaing plague sweeps through Pern, only Moreta's sacrifice saves them.

Nerilka's Story Anne McCaffrey $4.79
In the Pern series. A minor character in Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern, Nerilka suffers her own tragedies, but ultimately goes on with life, like the rest of Pern.

The Renegades of Pern Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. From Pern's dissidents and from the criminal class rises a band of renegades led by the self-styled "Lady" Thella.

The White Dragon Anne McCaffrey $5.59
In the Pern series. The pairing of Lord Holder Jaxom of Ruatha and the white dragon Ruth should never have happened. Withouth them, however, Pern's tumultuous Dragonriders would never know peace long enough to attain their goals.

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