In Witch Kinds of Things Am I Interested?

I play far too many computer games, and it all started with a little DOS game that fits on a floppy disk, called Rogue. Go play it online in a Java applet, or grab my copy of it and play it on your PC, in ::gasp:: DOS!

Anyway, one of my favorite current games is a massively multi-player online role-playing game called Anarchy Online. I've got great hopes for this one...who else will let you play the game for free for 7 days but FunCom? Unlike most of my other digital interests, this one's science-fiction based. Sometimes it's just more visceral to hear the 'blam! blam!' of my pistols than to see a sword swing and fall. But if you're feeling archaic, you can still wield swords on Rubi-Ka (the world of AO). The administration of AO is, so far, immeasurably better than EverQuest. For a while (okay, about two years) I thought EQ was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well, I thought it was great for about a year. I continued to play it for another year. I put together my own little EQ page about my involvement in it (especially the Trade Skills). It was nice while the honeymoon lasted. Before EQ I played Ultima Online, which is pretty much the original MMORPG (with an emphasis on the "massively multi-player part). It had some problems, and I quit for a while, but it looks like they've finally realized what the majority of players want in an MMORPG, so now I'm back to it on occassion, when I feel like I can justify subscribing to two different games.

I also like playing computer simulation games, but not those boring old flight-simulators. I like stuff like SimCity and the other SimGames from Maxis Software. Unfortunately, Maxis was bought by Electronic Arts. I hope they don't keep making stupid crap like Streets of SimCity and SimCopter. The release of The Sims gives me great hope, especially since Maxis has put out a total of three expansions for it so far. It's a blast! I've got a little page devoted to my Simming, of which I do far too much, far too often. My poor husband is a SimWidower...only fair, I think, as I'm usually an AO Widow.

Everyone should have a hobby. I have plenty, but most of them would require age-of-consent disclaimers on my site, so nevermind. One that doesn't is my questionable habit of collecting stupid little applets. You know, those dorky little executables that don't actually do anything worthwhile, that someone with too much time on their hands wrote? Well, here's the best o' what I've been sent. (Mostly by end-users that I've supported over the phone as a computer tech that's what I did before I degenerated into a stay-at-home mommy. It may be great for some, but I'm not cut out for it.)

Most of them are executable WinZip files. About half of them work in Windows 3.1 or OS/2's Windows shell, Win-OS/2. None of these will actually do anything bad to your system, even if it seems like it....

Does Something Kinda Neat Does Something Seemingly Questionable, But Not Really Just Plain Silly
Holiday Lights Shareware screensaver, festive lights on the screen Cool App Jeff's Ultra-Cool App E-sheep Little virtual pets
MoonTool Calculates the appearance of the moon at any given time Heart It'll get yours going! Just remember, it won't actually do anything bad.... Life What is the meaning of life?
Brain A little test to see which side of your brain you use more Error-p Just admit your error.... Whack Smack those little gophers!
Dr. Gatt A frighteningly accurate personality test...with attitude! Part If these mice had run up the clock (hickory-dickory-dock), they'd have struck the clock back! CokeGift Get a free "beverage holder!"
Pagan Daybook Holidays/observances for Celtic, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, etc. religions Pose A striptease show...sort of! Postal Go postal! Turns your mouse into a targeting crosshair & blows holes in your screen. Hit ESC to get out of it
GetPics You can't always have what you want.... Sniper Take cover! A little Doom-ish sniper pops out & shoots at you.

I don't really do much of anything else. I read fantasy and science fiction, which is covered in my Witch-Way bookstore, and I spend time with my family. I'm a pathetic Techno-Pagan baby geek. If you don't belive me, try deciphering my Geek Code Block.

Version: 3.12
GCC/IT d+@ s:+ a- C++ U-- P L- E? W++ N- o? K- w(---) O>+++ M+ V PS+(+++) PE@ Y+ PGP? t+(+++) 5+ X+ R+ tv b+>++++ DI+ !D G e++ h---- r+++ z*@

Slightly more descriptive is the OmniCode, which is very easy to decode:

---------------------- OmniCode 0.1.6 -----------------------
sxx cm168 kg92 skF6BFC3 ha9d6545.e0D9ae.5d2914 ey265375 esO.glasses;contacts.when_makeup_incurred sp*.consenting_adult_humans Ag1972.May anE.British_Isles_mutt&E.dash_of_German hdd Lo37,30N-77,20W.US.VA.RIC ZoT&R.water rlN.wiccan LAEN(9).american&DE(1)&FR(1) Cr!(9)^(1) Hbcomputer_games.The_Sims.LL.HP.HD.VA;RPGs&reading.sci-fi/fantasy&movies.watching.sci-fi;comedy;historical_drama&music.singing.badly;listening.popular.oldies.rock.r'n'b.folk.metal Pll RlM Kd1x.unbelievably_cute MBINTJ.moderately_expressed_introvert UFGreg IN10.cable AdS&I.gaming_sites
----------- Omnicode -----------

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