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Other Neat Websites for The Sims

I use many of SIMply Dariene's wallpapers and floors in my own Sim homes (though regrettably she's aparently retired from making things for The Sims), as well as some from HomeSims. HomeSims also has some cool objects that I'm using, made/modified with the SimTransmogrifier. I've happily added skins (different clothing/appearances for your Sims) and objects from Aladrin Kelahn's TheSims Utilities. The Sims Resource is a great place to find walls, floors, skins, furniture and houses! And Minerva's Roman Sims has been victim to my pillaging for walls, floors, skins and objects! I really like her stuff. I don't think I'm quite ready to try making my own objects yet...I sort of tried to make a wall torch, but it was a rather disastrous episode.

If you're looking for wallpapers, floors and/or paintings, use the links below to check out what I've done that I thought was worth offering up to others. Riktor, of Strategy Planet's The Diary of a Sim, has generously put some other walls of mine in their selection of cool things to download.

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