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Witch Kinds of Things Do I Think Are Weird?

Well, I've been called weird plenty of times, myself. I, of course, think I'm perfectly normal and the rest of the world is screwed up. Case in point, the following:

Piercing Mildred

Now, I don't think these online comic-strip sites are just weird...they're also incredibly funny!

Since Illiad, the author of User Friendly, makes fun of Microsoft, I love his work. That he also makes references to The Sims, lampoons Macs and even his own sacred cow, Linux, is just gravy. And he apparently still remembers what it's like to work a helpdesk a job I did for three-and-a-half years. Several of his comics got printed out and adorned my cel...ah, cubical.

I also think that Scott Kurtz is doing a great job with Player vs. Player, a very nice online comic about the computer gaming industry. Since I'm currently in thrall to two games he references, The Sims and EverQuest, I try to read PvP every day. He also occassionally goes off into sequences about the heart of all my hobbies, role-playing know, like, with pencil and paper and dice?

I play Ultima Online, it being a pretty cool massively-multiplayer online RPG. I think Tryon's ImaNewbie does Britannia is the best UO comic around.

I took an actual test. So now it's official. I'm...

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